Varane: Benzema is at the peak,Qi Zu encouraged me to take more risks and go forward

News on July 31 In an interview with UEFA’s official website,Real Madrid defender Varane said:“Benzema is at the top,Zidane encouraged me to take risks,Step forward more,Provide support for the team,Try to be an extra weapon for the team.”

After winning the league championship,Before you head to the UEFA Champions League scene against a stadium without fans,What is your mood now?

“No audience will be different.We always hope to win,We are Real Madrid…We used to maintain a winning streak,So you can also imagine how confident we are now.We didn’t have any games before the Champions League,So we have time to prepare.The better team will advance.In such a moment,We always need to face with the determination to win.”

“This will be a tough game,Is facing a good team,So we think this game will be fierce.Now we will prepare well,In order to be able to prepare and work hard,We will do everything we can,As we have always done in the Champions League,This is very important to us.”

“We have experience in competitions,So maybe we will be more calm,But we have always had the same determination.And especially because we know the traps we should avoid,This is the experience we have in recent years.”

The first round (Real Madrid 1-2 Manchester City) game just defined the Champions League game.High-intensity confrontation…

“exactly,I think this kind of competition is quite illustrative.A very, very high level game,Very intense competition,Both teams exert pressure,Then rely on the details to determine the outcome of the game.So the smallest mistake can be fatal or decisive.”

“I think compared to us,Manchester City adjusted better and won,But that game was played equally,Both teams want to play well,All want to get the ball.This is a game that needs to be focused,It’s a very demanding game,This kind of game is the most wonderful game in the Champions League.This kind of competition does not determine promotion.But we also like this kind of confrontation,Because the level of the game is extremely high.”

Your coach Zidane was an iconic figure on the offensive end in the player era.How did he affect you, a defensive player?

“He encouraged me to be more adventurous,Encourage me to try harder,Try to always kick forward,Try to provide more to the team,Try to be an extra weapon for the team.”

“Then he will pass on his trust and peace of mind.It’s important to get the support of your own coach.In order not to be afraid of passing or taking risks on the court,It is also important to be able to get some tips from the coach for performance on the court.He will try to make the team play more offensively.”

Another Frenchman who achieved great success in Real Madrid is Benzema…

“Yes,He is really in perfect condition now.His ability does not surprise me,We all know his abilities,But now he really broke out.He is now at his peak.”

“He reached a very comprehensive state,This is very beneficial for the team.We are all very happy,Of course.He is our leader on the offensive end,He provided us with great help.Not only relying on his goals,It also relies on his way of running, passing and creating space.Under any condition,This allows the team to develop its own tactics,He is now in a moment of experience, ability, and physical condition.”

And he just surpassed Henry to become the French player with the most goals in the Champions League…

“Yes,His data is very good,and,He is still contributing assists,He can create threats,Can play efficiently,He is a very comprehensive No. 9 player.”

August 7,What you will face is Laporte,If you are asked to analyze him,What would you do?

“He is a very calm player with the ball under his feet,He is very capable,Can participate in cooperation from the backcourt,And his long pass is excellent.Joining a team like Manchester City helped him grow and move forward.”

Is there a middle school in France?

“I don’t know if there are special training methods in France.But it is really incredible.We have a lot of very capable central defenders,The central defender is a very important position,And this position needs to mature,needs time.I really think that in a few years this will be the most abundant position for us.At least in France.I don’t know if it’s our way of training or what special things we are doing,But in this position we are indeed acquiring a lot of talented players.”

Manchester City did not win the Premier League title,But you won the La Liga championship,What do you think of this matter?

“We really won this special La Liga championship,Because of the suspension,All this is not easy,But we have adapted to this situation.We have won the game again and again,So the whole team played well,In the end we can be satisfied with this.”

Talk about Real Madrid’s Champions League this season,how do you feel?

“We had a difficult time at the beginning of the season,We lost in Paris,After that we made adjustments,Regained confidence,Then again a good game result was obtained.We have successfully moved forward,In order to be able to get results like for example against Galatasaray,We paid a lot.We succeeded in slowly improving game performance and qualifying,For example, we played very well in the second game against Paris.”

“Performance at the beginning of the season…Let’s say it’s a bit slow,But then we realigned the direction,Regained the rhythm and achieved good results.”

You mentioned the game against Galatasaray,6-0,That game was very exciting

“In that game we hope to have a good start,This is to be able to put pressure on our opponents.Except for this,We also played very efficiently,That’s why we can quickly gain a very good advantage,At the same time, we did not relax afterwards,There is still a lot of running and cooperation,Has a lot of breakthroughs…We improved our tempo and successfully executed our tactics while controlling the ball.”

We met Rodrigo in that game,He completed a hat trick

“Yes,Scored so many goals in the Champions League when he was less than 20 years old,This is incredible,We have many young players,They are all ready to show a high level of performance,We saw it in that game.”

You mentioned the second group match against Paris (2-2),The game started well (2-0,Benzema scored twice),But after…What’s the matter?

“This is what can happen.I think we played well,But there was relaxation and fatigue at the end of the game.Even so,I think the game was well controlled.Unfortunately we finally let the victory slip away,But that game gave us a lot of confidence,Because we really played very well in front of a strong team,This has also allowed us to grow during the season and increase our confidence in ourselves.”

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