Getafe forward: Before considering the past Super League,But in the end this did not succeed

News on August 4 In an interview with “Aspen”,Getafe captain Molina said:“I will continue to play for Getafe,There was the choice of playing in the Super League before,We also considered,But in the end this transfer was unsuccessful.”

Inter-Getafe,This day is coming

“Yes,Everything before is so strange,Experienced an outbreak of a global infectious disease.Everything is very strange,But now we are all very excited.”

Do you have any unfinished challenges in the football world?

“Of course there is,This game is.I played some European quarterfinals in Betis,I hope to advance to the quarterfinals with Getafe.For this we must win on Wednesday,This is a challenge for me and the team.This is the most important game in the history of the club and in our lives.”

You may already be on holiday at midnight on Wednesday,Or rejoice that history has just been made

“See how different this is,Wait for the holidays,This is what we think now.It is worthwhile to continue to work hard with the idea of creating great results.”

What do you think of Inter

“A strong team,For me they have one of the strongest lineups in Europe,And Lautaro in the front court,He has great strength,If you think about it, Sanchez is often on the bench.Eriksson,There are Godin and Shike behind…impressive.”

Must respect the opponent?

“This will always be necessary.They are hot,But this status does not give you a 1-0 score or any other advantage at the start.”

Have you got rid of the feeling of a bad experience at the end of the league?

“That’s uncomfortable,It’s uncomfortable not to win the game.We did not win too many games after the event resumed.Although we thought that Inter Milan had the advantage because there were still games to play until this week,But in fact these days of rest are very helpful for us.”

Is the elimination round better?

“Some people think so,They have a very strong lineup,We have a better chance in a single round.I only know that empty games are ugly,You can never adapt.Fans are the seasoning of football.”

What would you say to Getafe fans if you have a chance?

“I hope they experience the game as if they are in the stadium,It is a pity that they can’t accompany us,We will do everything possible to make them enjoy.”

At the age of 38,How are you feeling now?

“After getting older, I cherish and enjoy this game more.In the whole strange situation,What we should think about is that the team has the opportunity to make history for the club and our own career.”

There are many rumors now,For my future,What will you do

“Playing for Getafe,I have a great time here,I think people here also recognize me,Like me very much.I will try my best to match the performance,I can’t think of a better place than here.”

China can’t match it?

“I had this choice before,We also considered,But in the end it didn’t happen.”

So we can now be sure that Wednesday’s game will not be your last game for Getafe…

“My idea is to return to Germany with Getafe in a few days.That would be a good signal,For this we are working hard.”