Anelka: Real Madrid will always be Real Madrid,Zidane has the ability to reverse Manchester City

News on August 5 In an interview with “Marca”,French star Anelka said:“Zidane has the ability to reverse Manchester City,Real Madrid will always be Real Madrid,They are very tough in the Champions League.“

Why make a documentary now (“Anelka: Misunderstood” is broadcast on Netflix today)?Maybe it’s for everyone to know Anelka better?

“I have already had a documentary about my career before 2008,Called “Inclasificable”,And this one is a bit like a sequel,I hope the documentary can tell the end of my career.Although I did it before,But I reviewed my entire career this time,Revealed a lot of details about what happened to me.”

You stopped in Real Madrid,What are your memories of that time?

“Very good memory,I also have fond memories of Lorenzo Sanz,His death made me very sad.I have sent messages to his son and Salgado before,I joined Real Madrid in a very stressful transfer.Very complicated transfer,A new country, a new language…It was a very difficult season,But I choose to remember the good things.Because in the end we won the Champions League,I scored in the first and second rounds against Bayern,I showed a little bit of my talent with a decisive performance.But it is true that I wanted to play better at Real Madrid.”

The rumor that Raul or Hierro didn’t help you,How many of them are true?Or is it because of their lack of experience that they did not succeed in Real Madrid and eventually left Real Madrid?

“Both.I lack experience,But the dressing room at that time was also very difficult,Raul is a friend of Morientes,Morientes is a friend of Hierro,Morientes is a friend of Hierro,Raul is Sanchis friend…And the fierce competition in the team…But this is normal,Because it’s Real Madrid,Although they are your teammates,But they will not give up their positions.This is normal,I had to fight for position.At the same time, it is a fact that people were very closedSo what happened before happened,this is life.”

Is there anything to blame Real Madrid?Or is it more of a beautiful feeling?

“I am honored to have worn Real Madrid’s jersey,For me, Real Madrid is the best club in the world.Playing for this club is anyone’s dream,And I did it.As for after,As you said,I was very young at the time,I have no experience,I was the first young man to complete that level of transfer.I have no experience,Neither my brothers,We learned our lesson later,But this happened,This is a part of my life.”

Maybe things will be different with Zidane…

“I think it will be different,He might understand me better (laughs).no no,Actually Bosque is a very good coach,He treated me well at that time.It is my responsibility to adapt to the team,And I failed to do well.”

Did Zidane’s leadership performance surprise you?

“At first yes,But now it’s no surprise,He can always win,This seems to be normal.”

Your ending in the French national team was not very good,Is there anything to blame for this?Especially the strike rebellion in the World Cup?

“No,Absolutely not,Because I took the lead in rebelling because our players knew we were accountable,They are also on my side.The news that the media broke at the time was false,Our players know.I did that for the national team,I want to change something to win,Because I’m so goodI want to win.I felt that we were not ready to win,I think I have to change some things,Because I am one of the captains,I have experience.”

Now we have Benzema and the French team,This matter has also ended,At least for now, it’s over for other reasons.His problem with the French national team is difficult to understand.What are your thoughts?

“It is sad for him,I confirm.Because he wanted to return to the national team,He has proven that he is one of the best players in the world,But this is Deschamps’ choice.For France,Benzema will undoubtedly be an additional improvement,They are already a strong team,But they will be stronger with Benzema.But this is Deschamps’ decision,I know the national team coach very well,We must respect him.I think Benzema should focus on Real Madrid now,He is doing this too,It gets better every year.This is a pity for him,But he is playing for Real Madrid,Everything is going smooth.”

Maybe the chairman of the Football Association ended his national team career for his national team,This makes him more uncomfortable…

“I think Benzema has learned that the most important thing now is Real Madrid,The whole world recognizes his talent,The whole world knows that it is extremely difficult to succeed in Real Madrid.But he did it.He is playing for the best team,Is playing under the best coaches,He won 4 Champions League titles in 10 years.The French player with the most championships,This obviously makes him a better player than anyone else.”

It was Anelka before,It’s Benzema now,Do you think Mbappé will be next?

“Mbappé is gifted,He has everything,But what is missing now is Real Madrid to change their playing style,Only in this way can he inspire the best.Especially if they want Mbappé to play at position 9,Then Real Madrid needs to change the formation for Mbappé.If he plays like Ronaldo before,That can also help him score a lot of goals.It will depend on how Real Madrid uses him,Because Mbappe is not playing the same way as Benzema.Mbappe needs a lot of space,He relies on speed,If Real Madrid use Mbappé the same way they use Benzema,Then we will see a good player,But will not see the best Mbappé we have seen in Paris.Must know how to stimulate his best performance,Real Madrid’s current style of play is not about speed and counterattack.”

But Mbappé is more like No. 9 or should he be more on the side?

“Maybe both,But if you are playing center,Then you must know how to stimulate his speed,But he can also play a winger on the right,And score goals like Ronaldo.He is very fast,So I said Real Madrid can’t use Mbappe like Benzema.But well,There will be a coach who knows how to use his better.But obviously he has all the conditions to become a Real Madrid player.”

This year seems to be very difficult,Don’t you think he will be the best replacement for Benzema in two or three years?

“He is the substitute,no doubt,But on the other hand,What will happen is that Paris will not want to sell him,I don’t think they are short of money.They want to win the Champions League with Mbappé.Will they send Mbappé to Real Madrid?I do not know,If he wants to leave,I don’t know if he wants to leave now,But both clubs are very good,I don’t know if Real Madrid can sign him.”

What do you think of the game at the Etihad Stadium,Do you think Real Madrid has the ability to reverse it?

“With Zidane,I think there is,Everything is possible.Manchester City has a good advantage,But Real Madrid is Real Madrid,They are very tough in the Champions League.I don’t know what will happen,But Zidane is capable of reversing,Guardiola is excellent,So we will see a very exciting game.In principle, Manchester City now has an advantage.”

Will this be the year Paris won the championship?

“may,Because of Neymar,He had not been able to play in the previous years,He is a super important player for Paris.It was he and Mbappe who changed the situation on the court together.He is playing behind Mbappé,Both of them can cause great damage.When he is not there,That is very difficult,But if Neymar can play,That’s another matter.Because he has experience,He played in Barcelona,He knew what to do.”

You want to be a coach,Will Paris be one of your choices someday?

“I don’t think so (laughs).I want to be a coach,But I think it’s going to teach in a far away place,in Asia.If one day I will coach in France,Then I would find it very strange.”


“I think it is difficult,Because in France is always the same group of people,Always address the same problems of certain types of people.When I got my coaching license,If I choose to coach in France, it would be very unexpected.”

What about Spain or the UK?

“The Premier League is possible,But I didn’t stay in Spain for too long.I don’t have the concept of Spanish football,So I don’t think so.”

You have played for many clubs,When was the most special moment in your career?

“For me, it is an experience in China.I have been in Shanghai,That’s a great feeling,life is good,You can go out calmly like anyone,And the league is very good.I like it very much.Now I live in Dubai, Belgium, Paris and London.I want to take care of my family and three children.”

Which young players do you think is the future of France?

“Now the true pure talent is Mbappé,At 21 years old,He is the player who has shown the most.Then Dembele,But he has suffered many injuries this season,Coman of Bayern,Martial of Manchester United.And Lacazette,France has many good players,But the strongest is Mbappé.”

What do you think about Hazard in Real Madrid?

“I think the first year is never easy,Let alone in Real Madrid,Because I have experienced it.But he will stay,This season, he showed a little bit of strength in the league.He will want to show off his talent next season.”