Costa: Will definitely go all out for Atletico fans,Fight for the Champions League of your dreams

News on August 7 Recently, Atletico Madrid striker Diego Costa accepted an interview with the club’s official media.The former Spain international talked about the team’s preparations for the Champions League quarter-finals.I would like to thank the dedicated Atletico Madrid fans.

Talking about the semifinals

“After the rematch,The game environment is completely different from the past.Today’s matches need to be played in empty courts, without fans watching.And this situation will continue.”

Champions League 1/8 final knock out defending champion

“The knockout match against Liverpool (the Champions League 1/8 final) is enough to go down in history,It’s also the most exciting contest I have played for Atletico for so long,But we all understand that it has become the past tense.The fans have high hopes for Atletico Madrid,We will do our best to give back to the fans,Strive to gain something.I hope the team can complete an excellent game (in the quarter-finals),The goddess of luck visited again.”

Will meet the Bundesliga powerhouse Leipzig in the Champions League quarter-finals on August 13 local time

“The team dare not slack in the slightest,Because everyone knows that the Champions League quarter-finals are ahead,And it’s a single round elimination system,This is quite honest,We have maintained a good competitive state during the suspension of the epidemic and after the rematch of La Liga.Fans always want the team to be competitive,Win the next game,Stable at the forefront of the standings,The team responded with practical actions,The big guy did it all.It is true that the current team is in full swing,But the Champions League are not the same as the La Liga.That is another world.The team is currently very motivated,I have the desire to win,I hope that good luck after the rematch can continue to be on our side.”


Talking about the Champions League opponent Leipzig RB

“Leipzig has an outstanding lineup,The performance on the court is also very good,They are good at controlling the ball,It is clear what the team needs to do on the court.I have watched many Bundesliga games,Actually I really appreciate the same time,They also have an advantage,Because now it has reached the quarter-finals of the Champions League,Leipzig does not shoulder too much pressure or burden.Of course, despite the different goals between clubs,But every player will have dreams and beliefs (to win the Champions League),Fight hard for the unfinished business.As a player,We all desire to always stand on the highest stage.”

Strong dialogue

“This duel will undoubtedly be very complicated,I think the game process will definitely be a bit difficult,So we have to concentrate,Focus on it,Strive to go further.In home and away elimination games,Even if the team is not in good shape in the first round,There is also a chance to turn the tide in the second round,But in the current single-round elimination tournament,Everything is possible.I think this is consistent for both parties,(Promotion opportunity) equal to each other.”

Talk about injury phenomenon

“One to say one,There are no injuries that bother me right now.Because Atletico is an excellent club,Equipped with a team of professional rehabilitation specialists, team doctors and physical coaches,They are very kind,A lot of help was given to the players during their injuries.I recovered well from the previous injury,In (the second round of the Champions League 1/8 final), the match against Liverpool was re-emerged.”


Talk about the impact of the new crown epidemic

“Considering what we are currently experiencing and the environment in which we areThe current situation is still quite complicated and rare.When the event was suspended due to the new crown epidemic,I used that time to improve quickly,Looking for feelings,Strive to achieve better physical conditions,Don’t let time pass in vain.Because there are still many games after the rematch,One after another.So I have been preparing for the semi-finals during the home isolation stage.In order to continue to conquer the greenery,Try to avoid injury or suffering.In my opinion,Even though there are such difficulties in front of me,You must also seize the opportunity fully,Do something useful.”

On Atletico Madrid fans’ desire for the Champions League trophy

“Fans once felt unhappy and regretted for missing the Champions League.People have heavy expectations for Atletico Madrid,But everyone should know thatOur opponents are very strong.And if we succeed in qualifying,Then the next match will be more difficult,same,If all the way to the final,Then the game will be more difficult.People need to be patient,It’s not easy to understand the path.We will definitely be full of confidence and fighting spirit,At the same time, we must be down to earthBecause everything is not easy.”

Thanks to Atletico fans

“The message I want to convey to the fans of red and white is: Thank you all,Write history together with us in the past few years.Atletico Madrid’s supporters are the best in the world,With you fighting side by side,The problems before them will be solved.It is your support behind the team,Gives Atletico Madrid the motivation to move forward.(Empty game) Lack of the company of the fans,This is not good for the team,But we know thatYou will still cheer for the Sheet Army at home.”

Top Gun

“(Championship Champion) depends on the team’s own strength and the courage and determination of the big guys to win,We will do our best,To compete for the big ear cup of this dream.I hope I can win the cup as I wish this season,Pass the joy to the fans of Atletico Madrid,They deserve this honor even more than us.For a long time in the past,The Champions League has always been the obsession of Atletico.If you can reach the top of Europe for the fans,Then I’m very happy.”