Vidal: Bayern is not facing a Bundesliga team,But the best in the world,Barcelona

News on August 14 Barcelona midfielder Vidal attended the pre-match press conference with Bayern Munich.

Tomorrow may be one of Barcelona’s most important games this season.Facing Bayern Munich,Is also your former boss,I believe you are also full of confidence:

Yes,This game is the most critical game of our season,Bayern Munich performed very well,They won various championships in Germany,The game tomorrow will be very exciting,It will be tough too,But we are Barcelona,If we can do our job well,Then we can advance.This game will be very intense.

What do you think of the current single round match?

I like it very much,Because in South America our America’s Cup is also a single round,This kind of competition requires everyone to go all out.Don’t spare any effort.And if it is two rounds,In the first round, there may be situations where one of the players is unwilling to attack.I really like this one-round match,Tomorrow will be very exciting.

I want to know what you think of some Bayern executives,Some remarks from players, including celebrities?

I heard some speeches,But I don’t want to pay too much attention to these words,I know a lot of Bayern players,I think some words,It may not be exactly what they think.What I want to say is,Bayern will not face a Bundesliga team tomorrow.But Barcelona,The best team in the world.

You used to play for Bayern,After the suspension against Naples in the last game,Do you feel that with your characteristics,Your experience,Should you occupy a starting position tomorrow?

(Laughs) I don’t know if I am worthy,But I believe that any player who comes to Portugal wants to play.Also worthy of appearance.In the end, a coach is needed to select the 11 starting players,Regardless of whoever chooses to start,Have to go all out,Allow the team to advance to the next round.

First of all, I want to know how you evaluate Frick’s coaching results,The second is,Do you think Bayern regards itself as a hot topic very rightly,Still facing the Barcelona situation,What do you think of this phenomenon?

I think his work is excellent,After getting the opportunity,Accept the first team,And led the team to achieve excellent results,Win the championship,I think as a coach,He is worthy of his treatment and evaluation.As for Bayern,Bayern will always be hot,I played there,This is very clear.But like I said,Tomorrow Bayern will face Barcelona,The best team in the world,Popular at this time,It’s no different,See you on the court tomorrow.

What do you think of Lewan?Do you think he came from Matthaus and Rummenigge?“Better than Messi”player of?

(Laughs) Actually Lewand is a very good player.Never tire of scoring goals,Always getting better,I have been teammates with him,It’s clear how he trained,How to play,It’s hard to stare at Lewand,But we will go all out.

As for the question of comparison,I find it difficult to compare the two,Because Messi is a player from another world.of course,Levan is the same as Suarez,Are one of the best forwards in the world,But it is difficult to compare with Messi.

You keep emphasizing,Barcelona is the best team in the world,But many Barcelona fans are very pessimistic about the future prospects.They are not optimistic about Barcelona’s elimination of Bayern.What do you think?

I can understand,I said that Barcelona is the best player in the world,But we did not show this in the last few games of the league.and so,We lost the league,But now we have the best player in the world,If the team can be linked together,It’s completely possible to win,So I said,Barcelona is the best team in the world,Tomorrow we have to prove this.

Did you watch Neymar’s performance yesterday?Do you think Barcelona should sign Neymar back?

(Laughs) I understand this idea,Not only because of yesterday’s game,But Neymar has won a lot,His level is beyond doubt.So Barcelona also often hope to return Neymar,Because he can provide a lot of help for the team.But this is not easy to say,We are only considering the game against Bayern,Consider being able to advance.