Premier League announces the second phase of training

The Premier League today announced that its shareholders have voted unanimously to resume contact training, marking another step in the season’s restart.

The full statement of the Premier League is as follows:

Today, Premier League shareholders unanimously voted to resume contact training, which is another step to restart the Premier League in a safe situation.

Now, teams can train in groups and grab the ball with minimal unnecessary close contact.

The Premier League’s top priority is the health and well-being of all players.

The Premier League has strict medical agreements to ensure that the training ground is the safest environment, and players and employees will continue to be tested twice a week by covid-19.

After consultation with the club, players, head coach, players’ Union, LMA and the government, an agreement has been reached to resume the second phase of training.

Discussions are still under way to restart the season if conditions permit.

Chelsea started their first phase of recovery training at Cobham on Tuesday. Contact training is not allowed in the first stage. The players have been training in groups, focusing on fitness.

For the first phase of training, Lampard said the following:

“Good. Nice to see the players. I’ve seen them on many zoom video calls and WhatsApp chats, so I’m glad to be able to continue working. There are strict restrictions and we have to abide by them because there is a reason. “

“It’s a pleasure to get the players to work, it’s all personal training at the moment. It can be a difficult or slow process, and safety is the first priority. Once we get through the first stage, we can see what the second stage is like, and after that, we can think about resuming the game, even if it’s empty. “